Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Students may apply for the Quarterly Presidential Scholarship for tuition credit only. These scholarships are funded through the University's General Fund. Scholarships are awarded through the PSU Scholarship Committee.

    . Student must: a) be currently enrolled fulltime; b) have a GPA of 3.0 or higher; c) have completed three or more courses in a degree program; or have transferred under a qualified articulation agreement; d) show no outstanding balances up to previous quarter; e) be present at the award ceremony (or send a person on your behalf).

    Application Procedure
    . Students must apply during the first week of each quarter. Completed applications will be reviewed by a Scholarship Committee. Nominees are presented to the President for final approval. Awards will be made at the end of the third week of the quarter with adjustments made to the student’s account. 

    Criteria for Scholarship Awards. The Scholarship Committee will consider the student's a) GPA; b) contributions made to PSU and to the community; and c) personal essay. (Reused essays will be considered sufficient cause to cancel application.)

    Amounts of Scholarships. The University may award $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, or $500 to undergraduate students and $1,500, $1,000, or $500 to graduate students per quarter. The amount of scholarship awarded and number of awardees will depend on total number of scholarship applicants and total number of enrollments of that quarter.

    Restrictions. Students may receive a maximum of three consecutive scholarships. After waiting a quarter, you can then apply again; in other words, no “four-in-a-row.” For graduate and postgraduate level students, the maximum number of scholarships awarded is four. For undergrads the maximum number is eight. Students who have completed Comprehensive Exam or Dissertation Courses in the D.B.A. program are not eligible. Accounting Certificate program and ESL students are ineligible.

    Other types of scholarship may be awarded on occasion:
  1. Other students may be recognized for scholarship under special circumstances and based on need via the Committee and at the recommendation of the President.
  1. PSU Alumni Scholarship: Excellent students are recommended by the Alumni Association and awarded at the recommendation of PSU’s President.