PSU’s mission is to be an integrated professional institution of higher learning that provides

1) knowledge and skill acquisition;

2) effective application; and

3) values and behaviors that are essential to function in the ever-changing global environment.

Graduates will be prepared to contribute effectively and ethically as leaders in the contemporary dynamic business world.



PSU’s vision is to produce graduates who are adaptable, innovative, and entrepreneurial in their personal life as well as a member of their respective society. They will be creative, compassionate, life-long learners who are interested in the welfare of their community and overall quality of life. We produce adept graduates who have the talent, cultural understanding, and organizational skills to emerge as successful leaders in the future wave of industry.


We will accomplish our mission by reaching the following goals:

Higher Order Thinking and Critical Analysis: Students will develop the ability to think critically, analytically, and creatively. They will acquire this ability by collecting, analyzing, and evaluating data. By so doing, they will have gained the necessary communication skills to apply and contribute to the practical world of business and global affairs.

Professional Knowledge and Skills Application: Students will be taught the application of the knowledge and skills of their chosen occupational and professional fields.  These practical skills and ability will have trained them to be strategic thinkers and leaders.

Professional Values and Attitudes: Students will develop a global understanding, multicultural perspective, and ethical standards that are necessary for leaders to succeed in the dynamic business world. They will gain an appreciation of the diverse values, ethical challenges, and commonalities of varying business cultures.


Each of the University’s goals is activated through these instructional objectives which students apply in their studies.

Subject Competency: Students will become conversant with course content material and hone their research and investigative skills through appropriate learning activities. In this intellectual growth process students learn to value life-long learning as essential to their own personal growth and develop a philosophy of life that helps nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and concern for the community and environment.

Skills Mastery: Students learn the requisite professional and communication skills for careers in business and the world of technology. Computer literacy is essential in this process to access professional literature through on-line services and to gain familiarity with key references in selected fields of study. Especially for international students, PSU’s objective is to have them learn to communicate effectively in English and to be sensitive to American values.

Global Understanding: Students, in all courses of study, master the strategic concepts and develop the requisite attitudes and skills to function within the diverse cultural, religious, and social parameters of the world’s “Global Village.”