Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Program Objective

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program builds upon a strong foundation established in the baccalaureate program through seminars, case studies, and applied research on advanced topics. Graduates are much in demand as their skills in strategic planning and the application of management theory identify them as having the kinds of leadership needed in the 21st Century. Areas of special interest that will strengthen students’ ability to pursue chosen career goals include Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management of Information Technology, and Real Estate Management.

MBA Concentration

Graduation Requirements

The M.B.A. is conferred after satisfactory completion of seventy-six (76) quarter units and sixty (60) quarter units for students who fulfilled prerequisite requirements. The GPA for the degree must be 3.00 (B) or better. Students must complete all requirements within four (4) years from candidacy.

The graduation requirements are summarized as follows:

Description M.B.A. Program
With Prerequisite Courses
M.B.A. Program
Without Prerequisite Courses
Prerequisite Courses
M.B.A. Required Courses
Major Courses
16 / 20* units
24 units
16 units
20 units
0 units
24 units
16 units
20 units
TOTAL 76 / 80* units 60 units
* Applies to concentration in Management of Information Technology M.B.A. student

M.B.A. Double Major Requirement

Students seeking for double major in M.B.A. must take minimum of twenty-eight (28) additional units (7 courses).