Add / Drop / Swap

Students may add or drop or swap courses through the third week of the quarter.  After the first week of classes, a $10.00 fee is charged for the processing of each change of registration during the Add/Drop/Swap period.  Students must request these changes by submitting an Add /Drop Form to the Registrar.

Dropping a Course Section
Students should review and select classes carefully with their advisors and avail themselves of college counseling services before making a decision to drop a course. Students may drop course sections without academic penalty through the third week of classes.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, students may withdraw from classes from the third week through the ninth week of classes and receive a grade of Withdrawal (W) with permission from the Associate Dean of Academics or the D.B.A. Program Administrator.  After the ninth week of classes permission will not be granted for a student to withdraw and a letter grade of F will be assigned to the student.  If the conditions warrant, an IN grade may be contracted, if missing work can be completed within the parameters of an incomplete.

Refunds for dropped courses are based on the following table:

Drop Week Refund-Degree Refund-ESL Refund-ACP
1st week 100% 100% 100%
2nd week 90% 85% 80%
3rd week 80% 75% 65%
4th week 70% 65% 55%
5th week 60% 55% 45%
6th week 50% 45% 0%
7th week 45% 0%  
After 7th week 0%    

NOTE: Since ACP has eight-week sessions, after the 5th week (when 60% of the session has been completed), there is no refund. Since ESL sessions are ten weeks, there is no refund after the sixth week.



Fill out the Add / Drop Request legibly and completely. Download here.



Submit the form at the campus or email to or fax to 1 (323) 731-7276.



If you fax or email the form, please attach Credit Card Payment Information Form for the payment.



In some cases that need the permission from instructor to add the course, please attach the Instructor Permission Form.

NOTE: Your Add / Drop Request will be processed after all required documents and payment has been received.