Pacific States University (PSU) is a professional higher education institution which has served local and international communities and scholars for almost 90 years.  It is private, non-profit, secular and co-educational in nature. PSU was founded in 1928 by William G. Buffinger, a sound engineer, famous for his influence in the movie industry. In 1939 PSU Dr. Harry W. Evans reorganized the school with a charter from the State of California authorizing the granting of degrees. For several years the University was under contract by the United States government for the training of Electronic Engineers. As many as 400 students per year completed the prescribed courses in this technical area.  PSU thereafter continued to specialize in Electronic Engineering until the program was phased out in 1996.  The 1960’s brought another major reorganization and expansion of the curriculum to also include Computer Science and Business Administration. As a part of the Asian Pacific community, PSU’s location in Los Angeles has played a key role in the development of its programs. Our graduates have gone forth to contribute significantly as leaders in the international world of business, commerce, technology, and economics.  They have come from more than 100 countries and represent a cross section of the most able minds to be found anywhere.

PSU offers quality educational degrees at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels in Business Administration and degrees at the bachelor and master levels in Computer Science and Information Systems.  The university’s most recent expansions has been Beauty Management and Hotel and Hospitality Management. Reflecting the most current professional trends, PSU also offers non-degree programs in English as a Second Language (ESL), Accounting and Project Management.  The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools has accredited the University since 1996.