University Library / Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center at Pacific States University maintains information and learning resources to support and enrich the curricula of the University. The library contains a collection devoted to the areas of international business, business management, accounting, hospitality, marketing, investments & finance, real estate management, beauty management, information technology, as well as a variety of books, journals, newspapers, audiovisual materials, reference materials, theses, dissertations and more. Pacific States University provides students with online library resources and services through our consortium membership and subscriptions with the Library & Information Resources Network (LIRN). Pacific States subscribes to 102 research databases from Gale, ProQuest, Skillsoft, and Statista to provide access to online books, as well as content from journals, magazines, dissertations, and news sources covering topics relevant to general education, business, economics, computer science, and other content areas. Students can access our online library resources 24/7. The following services are offered: circulation, copy center for printing & scanning, internet access & workstations, study areas, reference and research services. Pacific States University also subscribes to LIRN’s Librarian Service who manages the Learning Resource Center. For research assistance and training, students and faculty can contact helpful, experienced LIRN librarians by completing the help request under the Librarian Contact tab of their LIRN portal.

Library hours:

  • 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Friday
Library Rules & Regulations
  • Please sign-in before using the library facility. This includes studying at the desk or using the library computers. The clipboard to sign in is located next to the scanner.
  • The library is for the use of enrolled students, and the librarian or staff may ask to see your student identification card.
  • Anyone who writes in or on library materials or damages library materials may lose their library privileges.
  • Please consult the library to check-out any material from the library. Unauthorized removal of library materials may result in fines.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the library and should be turned off while in the library. If you receive a call on your cell phone please leave the library area to talk on your phone.
  • Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior or otherwise disturbing the academic atmosphere of the library may be asked to leave. Disruptive behavior includes verbal abuse, loud talking or laughing, shouting, running, sleeping or any other behavior that may disturb others.
  • Drinks and food are not allowed on the computer desks or near the computers. The library prohibits the consumption of food and drinks. Please use the student lounge(L233) for this purpose.
Library Printing Assistance
  • Make sure the internet is connected to PSU Public (Not PSU Student Public)
  • Make sure your print code is up-to-date: 8 digit Print Code available on your student portal
  • Make sure to click enable user code and put in your print code

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory is equipped with a variety of computers and printers: twenty (20) personal computers; and one laser printer. The computers are connected to one file server using a network operating system. Software is for business applications, word processing, spreadsheets, programming languages, database management, and tutorials. The labs also provide high speed broadband Internet service. Wireless Internet access is also available in certain locations on campus for notebook computer users.

Computer Laboratory hours
  • 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday (when no class is using the room)
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Educational Equipment

Classrooms are equipped with a projector and white board/chalkboard. Many have monitors with the ability of plug-in access for laptop computers. Students and faculty members can check out computer laptops from the front office with a valid photo IDs. Computer software programs are available from the IT Department based on individual professor’s request for his/her course requirements.

Student Lounge and Gallery Space

The University provides a lounge for relaxing and eating meals on the twelfth floor. A microwave oven and filtered drinking water are provided. “Club” rooms are also available for student group meetings or as private study space. A large gathering space called the Gallery is for multipurpose use: institutional gatherings, luncheons, art shows, symposiums, etc.