Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Program Objective

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (B.S.C.I.S.) program offers courses in theoretical and practical applications in computer hardware, software, and information systems. Students participate in intensive computer laboratory assignments, become skilled in solving research problems, and practiced in oral and written presentations.

Graduates are fully able to accept entry level or higher positions in industry and advance professionally with additional experience in their chosen fields. Many choose to study at the graduate level and gain additional knowledge and experience in their chosen fields.

B.S. – Concentration in Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (B.S.C.I.S.) program emphasizes the development of competence in the areas of computer architecture, software, computer applications, programming, computer graphics, development of business applications, management of business computer software, Internet programming, e-Commerce, mobile application programming and computer technology. Students must take the following:

Course Number Course Name UNITS
G.E. REQUIREMENTS Refer to G.E. Requirement List 56
CORE COURSES (10 courses) 40
CS110 Computer Programming 1 4
CS120 Computer Programming 2 4
CS200 Programming Language Structures 4
CS220 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 4
CS300 Computer Data Structure 4
CS420 Theory of Computation 4
IS100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 4
IS200 Internet Technologies 4
IS345 Internet Programming 1 4
MA305 Probability and Statistics 4
IS230 Introduction to e-Commerce 4
IS250 Database Management 4
IS310 Introduction to Computer Networks 4
IS445 Internet Programming 2 4
CS305 Object Oriented Programming 4
CS400 Computer System Architecture 4
CS430 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4
CS450 System Development and Analysis 4
CS460 Applied Numerical Methods 4
CS485 Operating Systems Concept 4
CS497 Senior Design Project 4
ELECTIVE COURSES (See elective list below) 40
Choose ten Student may choose any appropriate computer science, information systems, or business related courses (Refer to B.S.C.I.S. Elective Course List).

Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (B.S.C.I.S.) degree is conferred upon completion of a minimum of one hundred eighty (180) units of quarterly credit. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required, with no grade in any course less than C.

The graduation requirements are summarized as follows:

General Education Courses 56 units
Required Courses 40 units
Major Courses 44 units
Electives 40 units
TOTAL 180 units