B.B.A. – Concentration in Marketing

Marketing techniques are changing rapidly as the world moves into global interdependence. The evolutionary nature of the business climate demands an understanding of how goods and services are channeled to producer-oriented as well as consumer-oriented economies. The B.B.A. program with a concentration in Marketing is designed for those who seek a career in business and value a solid academic and professional business foundation. Students learn the functions of the marketing process, changing consumer-buying behavior, product adaptation, and market pricing. “Consumerism” and its impact on government regulations and the business environment are also studied. Students must take the following:

Course Number Course Name UNITS
G.E. REQUIREMENTS Refer to G.E. Requirement List 56
AC102A General Accounting 1 4
AC102B General Accounting 2 4
BL101 Business Law 1 4
BU200 Principles of Management 4
BU250 Small Business Management 4
BU350 Finance 4
BU370 Business and Economics Statistics 4
BU420 Financial Management 4
EC201 Microeconomics 4
EC202 Microeconomics 4
IS100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 4
MK200 Principles of Marketing 4
BU225 Business Graphics 4
BU340 Advertising 4
BU410 Credit Management 4
BU425 Money and Banking 4
BU445 Government Regulations in Business 4
BU450 Personnel Management 4
BU460 Business Forecasting 4
IS230 Introduction to e-Commerce 4
IS400 e-Commerce Marketing 4
MK366 Sales and Salesmanship 4
ELECTIVE COURSES Refer to Elective Course List 36
Choose eleven Student may choose any appropriate computer science, information systems, or business related courses (Refer to B.B.A. Elective Course List ).