B.B.A. – Concentration in Computer in Business

The rapid development of computer technology in recent decades has opened the door of opportunity in business. The student studies several computer programs and is able to integrate this information through business courses to the world of business and its demands. The B.B.A. program with a concentration in Computers in Business is designed to provide students master the intricacies of both the hardware and software widely used in the commercial and international trade world. Students must take the following:

Course Number Course Name UNITS
G.E. REQUIREMENTS Refer to G.E. Requirement List 56
AC102A General Accounting 1 4
AC102B General Accounting 2 4
BU101 Business Law 1 4
BU200 Principles of Management 4
BU250 Small Business Management 4
BU350 Finance 4
BU370 Business and Economics Statistics 4
BU420 Financial Management 4
EC201 Microeconomics 4
EC202 Microeconomics 4
IS100 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 4
MK200 Principles of Marketing 4
BU225 Business Graphics 4
BU445 Government Regulations in Business 4
BU460 Business Forecasting 4
CS110 Computer Programming 1 4
IS230 Introduction to e-Commerce 4
IS250 Database Management 4
IS310 Computer Networks 4
IS345 Internet Programming 1 4
IS400 e-Commerce Marketing 4
IS445 Internet Programming 2 4
ELECTIVE COURSES Refer to Elective Course List 36
Choose eleven Student may choose any appropriate computer science, information systems, or business related courses (Refer to B.B.A. Elective Course List ).